Our ranch was started back in the mid 1930's in the northeastern edge of the famous Nebraska Sandhills by my grandfather Walter H. Fick. He raised mostly Herefords and then swithched to Simmentals in the 1970's. My dad, Ed Fick, wanted to change breeds in the late 1980's and after a lot of research decided that Red Angus was the right choice. The first Red Angus calf was born here in 1991 and we have been breeding Red Angus ever since.

Ed and Kathy Fick, and myself(Doug) and Megan Fick, along with our daughter Hailey, live on and operate Fick Red Angus southeast of O'Neill, Nebraska. And a lot of thanks to my younger brother, Lance, who is still helping out a lot around here. Fick Red Angus is now a third generation ranch with roughly 550 cows. We run a cow calf operation and sell our calves as yearlings. Even though we are getting more and more registered cows the majority of the cows are commercial and we will keep our focus on what commercial cattlemen and women want and need.
We strive to raise easy calving, easy fleshing, and moderate framed cattle that can take care of themselves with little supplemental feed and breed back on what our environment has to offer. Disposition is also very important to us as calm cattle are so much easier to handle and they go on feed faster. We cull heavy on udders, legs, and feet.

We have been selling bulls and females privately but with big purchases from the Hammel Ranch in Montana the past two years and our expanded AI program we have decided to start having a production sale this coming November. If you would be interested in being added to our mailing list or just want to visit about our cattle Click Here. You can also call or e-mail Ed or myself (Doug). Thank you for your interest in Fick Red Angus and we look forward to talking to you about your cattle needs and making new friends.



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